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Suppliers - Purchase Order Standard Terms and Conditions

Below you can find our Standard Terms & Conditions which apply to all orders of goods and/or services purchased by Fresenius Medical Care Singapore Pte. Ltd. and/or its affiliates in Singapore.

Depending on when the PO was issued, there may be different versions of the Standard Terms & Conditions which apply. Please refer to the correct version applicable to such PO.


Please note that you are deemed to have accepted all POs you receive, which incorporates the terms and conditions of the applicable Standard Terms & Conditions, by your acknowledgement or your commencement of performance. Unless accepted by us in writing, any and all additions, exceptions or changes to these Standard Terms & Conditions, whether contained in any quotation, proposal, invoice, specification, confirmation or other document provided by you, are expressly rejected.

If you have an existing written supply or service agreement signed with us, the terms and conditions set forth in such agreement shall prevail to the extent that the same may be in conflict or inconsistent with the terms of a PO or in the Standard Terms & Conditions. Our terms and conditions shall prevail in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between such terms and conditions and any terms and conditions provided by you in any form.